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Welcome to the meetings section

This section is not part of our new website but will be updated soon. Our website address remains the same and this section can be accessed via

We’re working hard to deliver the Greater Manchester Strategy and our Growth and Reform plan:

Creating homes and better places to live

We’re freeing up good-quality land, and making it easier to build new homes and to offer new jobs - helping create environments where people want to live and work.

Supporting businesses

There are 105,000 companies in our area. But we want more! We make it easier to set up a new enterprise, and help existing businesses develop and grow.

Helping people become more self-reliant

We are using new ways to support people with difficult and complex lives: identifying problems early, helping them tackle those problems, and learning from their experiences to support others.

Keeping Greater Manchester on the move

We're building more Metrolink tram lines, overhauling bus travel, and improving road and rail networks. We're making walking and cycling safer and more attractive too.

Building a greener, cleaner region

By helping businesses, residents and public organistaions get more energy-efficient, we're reducing Greater Manchester's carbon footprint and making the most of the area's energy and resources.

Investing in Greater Manchester

We're making it easier for organisations to get funding for projects that will help grow the Greater Manchester economy.

Making Greater Manchester a safer place

Our Police and Crime Commisioner (PCC) keeps our police service accountable. He sets crime-tackling priorities, and decides how much council tax should contribute to the service.

Bringing visitors to our region

Through high-impact marketing, and a strong tourism infrastructure, we're encouraging people from all over the world to visit, study, work and do business in Greater Manchester.

Developing skills, boosting employment

We're tackling unemployment and helping people develop work-related skills. By engaging employers, education and government agencies, we're helping bridge the skills gap.

Improving health and care

We're getting more control of health spending. It means we can plan for greater prosperity, better health and a good quality of life for Greater Manchester people.

Growth and reform partners

We couldn't do all this on our own. So we commission a number of other partner organisations and bodies to help us deliver specific tasks. For example we can use the expertise of a training-provider to deliver skills-training that helps people back into work.